Thursday, May 28, 2015

KkotMareum (Shabushabu Buffet Restaurant)

Score Guide: 1 - Poor / 2 - Okay / 3 - Good / 4 - Great / 5  Exceptional

Restaurant Name: KkotMareum (꽃마름)
Type of restaurant/food: Buffet and Shabushabu
Region: Sosabeol Useung Medipia Building 3rd floor, Dongsak-dong 18, Pyeongtaek-City, near Bijeon Middle School and opposite to Daekwang Church (경기 평택시 동삭동 18번지 소사벌우성메디피아 3, 비전중 근처, 대광교회 맞은편)
Price range: 14,900 (11:00am - 3:00pm, From Monday to Friday)
                19,900 (5:00pm 10:00pm, From Monday to Friday)
                21,900 (11:00am -10:00pm, From Saturday to Sunday)
Value:   3 / 5
Service:  2 / 5
Cleanliness:  3 / 5
Atmosphere: — 2 / 5
Overall Score:  3 / 5 They're good!

About: If the beef were refilled unlimitedly, I would say KkotMareum is exceptional. But a bowl of frozen sliced beef is offered at the start and if you want more you need to pay for additional beef depending on your order. This let me down when I dipped my first piece of beef into the Shabushabu soup. However, Kkot Mareum has its own distinctive attractiveness in that you can wrap your boiled vegetables and beef in Vietnamese rice paper. Plus you can dip it in three different kinds of Thai chili sauces, which makes the taste exotic as well as fresh. KkotMareum's buffet, moreover, has a diverse range of quality dishes. One example is bibimbap (비빔밥). Their bibimbap buffet table offers 8 kinds of Namuls (나물). Namuls are seasoned vegetables, and they are much better at KkotMareum than at typical bibimbap restaurants. 

Getting there: You should get a 7-1 bus in front of McDonalds in downtown Pyeongtaek. You can get off the bus at Bijeon Middle School(비전중학교) and walk following the direction of your bus a bit. Then turn to the right at the corner and walk just one block until you see a big intersection. KkotMareum should be there.

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