Monday, December 8, 2014

Europe Treats Seoul to Christmas Fare

Several European embassies brought the Christmas traditions of home to Songbukcheon Fountain Square in Seoul last weekend. The 2014 European Christmas Market included club music, bitter cold and lots of tall, pasty-white people with red noses, but primarily excellent food you won't easily find in Korea.

If you live in Korea, your Facebook feed was likely clogged by photos of friends at the market. But for those who either don't live in Korea or don't have friends who went, here is a peak. 

Hand-made French sausages in baguette buns. They came in two flavors: garlic and spicy. At this same stall you could buy Tomme Cheese, Saucisson and Chorizo.
Clockwise from the top: stollen (German fruit cake), Rauchbier (Bavarian smoked beer), and gluwein (German, spiced wine). The gluwein was especially popular with a continuous line of people stretching halfway across the market for the duration of the event.
Lots of options at the Ukrainian stand. 2,000 won bought you a small sandwich and a shot of vodka. You could also find golubsty (stuffed cabbage rolls), varenyky (dumplings), sausage rolls, and an "apple pie" (left) that looked like yabluchnyk, a Ukraining apple cake.
Even Seong Nikollaseu (성 니콜라스) visited the market!

Sadly, the European Christmas Market lasted only one weekend from December 6-7. Will it happen next year? According to an email from an event rep at Songbuk Global Village Center, the event has been going for for the last five years, so they have every intention of holding it again next year. However, they don't have anything specific planned yet.

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