Monday, June 23, 2014

Granite State Blueberry Ice Milk

New England consumes a lot of ice cream. Five of the top ten ice cream consuming states are from New England. My own state, New Hampshire, is ninth on that list. Here in Korea I can always bond with other New Englanders over our mutual adoration of ice cream. If there is anything besides colonialism, cold personalities, awesome seafood and the Red Sox that holds New England together culturally, it is ice cream.

Ice Cream Country
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Unfortunately, that isn't a culture very conducive to clear arteries and toned bellies. So a few months ago, inspired by legends of ice cream's ancient and simple origins as fruity, honeyed snow, I concocted a healthier and cheaper alternative. It isn't a true ice cream, but it fills the bill for a sweet, frozen, dairy treat.

Granite State Blueberry Ice Milk
  • Frozen blueberries or other fruit
  • Whole milk
  • Honey
Directions: Pour frozen blueberries in a bowl, drizzle honey on top, and then fill the bowl with milk until the milk just covers the berries. Place in the freezer for about five minutes. Stir the berries and milk about afterwards to distribute the honey. The result should be a milky, blueberry slush — perfect for a hot, humid Korean summer day or a New Englander craving a healthier alternative to ice cream.

(Note: My academic duties this term are consuming most of my free time. As a result, this blogazine will fall from its present whisper of life to barely a murmur.)

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